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Siwan Hughes

I have been practicing yoga since my early 20’s, Since then, I have explored many of the various yoga traditions and I draw upon all of these teachings for my own classes, with the ultimate aim to find freedom and ease in both body and mind for the students.

I completed my Yoga teacher training in 2012 with Laura Gilmore at Bristol City Yoga. I have also completed a foundation course in Viniyoga of Yoga with Paul Harvey at the Center of yoga studies. I am yoga alliance accredited. I am also a qualified pregnancy yoga teacher.

Catrin Alexander

A modern day yogi, I approach yoga from a functional & practical point of view, building mobility and strength work into each yoga flow. Being a working Mum of two young children I know first hand the benefits yoga can have both physically and mentally, helping to support a busy modern life.

Lauren Phillips

As a gymnast and a dancer, I’ve worked with the body since I can remember. Physical conditioning and an enquiry into the Body’s limits is, and has always been a fascination of mine. Yoga has served a rich and timely progression into total wellness, and the uncompromising bond between the mind and body.

Since achieving my 200hr Yoga TT certification, I have further trained specifically in Rocket, Vinyoga and Yoga for Trauma, and am currently studying for an Masters of Science Degree in Psychology and Neuroscience with Kings College London. With that in mind, I am dedicated to offering classes that focus on expression over suppression, fun over format, and empowerment over elitism; in a safe, compassionate and inclusive environment. Only the physical practice ends with ‘Namaste’…the practice of yoga is encouraged off the mat…and into our daily lives. Don’t DO yoga…BE Yoga!

Matthew Goode

I began my yoga teaching journey over 10 years ago, before I really understood what it meant to teach yoga. Ashtanga has been my biggest teacher for these last 10 years – educating me on many important aspects of my life and I believe it is one of the most powerful tools available for helping deal with the challenges life throws at us.

With time I have developed a softer approach to teaching yoga and specifically Ashtanga, which is a yoga famed for being very physically demanding. I like to bring more focus to posture and alignment, with a view to creating a sustainable practice students can commit to. Through this consistent practice we start to develop a powerful mind-body connection and where the real magic of yoga begins.

Lila Mai (Mel)

Melanie started her yoga journey about 7 years ago and really fell in love with the power of yoga when she did her teacher training in Colombia. For her yoga feels amazing for the physical body but there’s so much more to it than that. It enables people to peel back all the layers of their existence and return to their authentic selves and to their centre, enabling them to tap out from all the layers of life for a moment. It allows people to take a moment of peace and calm so that they can quite simply lead a more peaceful, empowered and happy life, and for this happiness to then ripple into the rest of the world.

Through her classes she yerns to create a safe space that enables others to feel this simple, feel-good nourishing freedom. For people to be able to have a moment of pure bliss by working with the breath to re-align the body, mind and soul and live out the best versions of themselves.

Mike Williams

Mike Williams, a Swansea born Beach loving, tea drinking and banana crazy lad is a Professional Dance Artist with over 15 years performance experience and has been teaching Yoga for the past 3 years.

Mike teaches Ashtanga, Yin and Elemental Mandala in multiple gyms and studios across South Wales and enjoys guiding people into a deeper physical and mental practice. Fascinated by both Anatomy and Spirituality, Mike’s Classes will allow you to fully explore your physical bodies and also allow you to search deeper inside yourself for inner calm and relaxation.