Siwan Morris

I have been practicing yoga since my early 20's, Since then, I have explored many of the various yoga traditions and I draw upon all of these teachings for my own classes, with the ultimate aim to find freedom and ease in both body and mind for the students.

I completed my Yoga teacher training in 2012 with Laura Gilmore at Bristol City Yoga. I have also completed a foundation course in Viniyoga of Yoga with Paul Harvey at the Center of yoga studies. I am yoga alliance accredited. I am also a qualified pregnancy yoga teacher.



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Jessie Hutchings

Jessie was born and raised in Los Angeles and was very fortunate to grow up practicing all types and styles of yoga With some of the most inspirational yoga teachers in the world. She completed the renowned YogaWorks teacher training in 2006 and moved to Wales the following year. Through her teaching, influenced by many traditions, jessie offers yoga as a way to approach our lives with compassion, strength, grace and gratitude. her classes are an artful blend of fluid Vinyasa with precise alignment cues designed to make you feel present, empowered and radiant in your own body.

Claire Eynon

Yoga found Claire in 2004 while training to become a holistic therapist. after starting a regular practice with Michele Lambert in Bridgend, Claire quickly noticed the many positive benefits - physically, mentally and spiritually. It not only made her feel more flexible and strong it made her feel more energised, positive and clamer and inspired her to complete a teacher training course at yoga Bodhi in Bath in 2013. Claire's classes are a mixture of some flowing sequences, some longer held restorative asanas, pranayama and meditation with yoga philosophy weaved through.

Monika Benedek

Yoga, with its balance of physical and spiritual practice, encompasses all the components of the holistic discipline I was seeking in other disconnected practices. In a relatively short time, yoga became—and still is—my passion. I began my personal yoga journey in 2009 with the practice of hatha yoga and since then keep exploring; experimenting in different styles - Ashtanga, Iyengar, Hatha, Vinyasa Flow.

Presently my facilitation and teaching focus primarily on the practices of Asthanga, Hatha and Vinyasa Flow. Having been an active person I both appreciate and enjoy the benefit of the yoga every day.

I completed my TTC at Level 4 in 2015 with BWY. I also completed an 1 month intensive course in Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre, in India.

For me, Yoga is a life long experiential journey, both in and out of the classroom.
As a teacher, facilitator and student of this spiritual practice I aspire to "Lead those behind lovingly & follow those ahead graciously."I look forward to sharing in this wonderful practice with you.

Lucinda Nicholls

Lucinda came to yoga through studies and a profession in dance. I used to attend yoga as a complimentary movement vocabulary to my dancing profession but over the years yoga has become much more to me, I now find that through yoga I dance; I dance with the flow of body, mind, breath, soul. Yoga is more than a movement vocabulary; it is an art and science to life, and I believe that yoga is a wonderful tool that can aid anyone in having a happy, healthy, wholesome journey through the beautiful gift of life; it’s challenges and joys. Lucinda successfully completed a 500hour Yoga Teacher Training programme with Sadhana Mala in July 2014 achieving a British Wheel of Yoga accredited qualification.

My schooling with Sadhana Mala was in the Vinyoga tradition, inspired by the teachings of T Krishnamacharya and his son TKV Desikachar. Lucinda’s teaching style focuses on the flow of movement with breath; co-coordinating postures, or sequences of postures that flow with the breath. I also like to give students the opportunity for stillness and reflection within the movement and flow; it is in the stillness’s that we can slow down and connect deeply with how we are doing physically, mentally, emotional and spiritually, while I believe to stop, slow down and reflect is important in our constantly moving, sensually stimulating, ever changing, busy modern world. Lucinda is also interested in, and influenced by Eastern concepts of energy (prana), and the balance of our subtle energies connected to the Sun and the Moon; yin/yang, masculine/feminine, action/rest, dark/light, outward/inward. Lucinda is currently undertaking a Level 1 Kundalini teacher-training programme with the International School of Kundalini Yoga (I-SKY). Her studies in the Kundalini tradition are very much inspiring and informing her personal, and teaching practice; I look forward to sharing more with you in my classes.

Ellie Lewis-Jones

Ellie discovered yoga more than five years ago and instantly fell in love with the practice. Yoga helped her to deal with the challenges of a demanding degree course and has since become an intricate part of her life. She believes that yoga helps to re establish the connection between body and mind, and that everyone can benefit from the practice of yoga.
Ellie completed her yoga teacher training in Goa, India in 2015. Her classes are a dynamic sequence of physical postures linking movement with breath that are thoughtfully sequenced and allow students to build strength, flexibility, coordination and vitality.

Stacey Lewis

In 2009, Stacey attended her first yoga class, taught by Jessie Hutchings, and fell in love with yoga straight away. Since then she has practised many different styles (Yin, Hatha, Kundalini, Iyengar, Nidra) and in 2015 completed her Ashtanga Yoga teacher training in Goa, India. At Seren, Stacey teaches a relaxed vinyasa flow style of yoga, aiming to nurture and rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit.

Marina Montiel

Marina's yoga journey started in 2010 when she attended her first yoga class. She felt a deep relaxation and a big connection between her and the world. She attended her yoga TTC in 2016 in Varkala, India and she became a certified Hatha and Vinyasa yoga teacher recognized by the Yoga Alliance. Also, she took a path into vision healing and she recovered her visual troubles thanks to eye yoga and The Bates Method. Today, she also teaches how to improve the vision without glasses.

Marina is passionate about yoga and the positive effects it has on the body and mind. She incorporates a fluid dance of movement and breath through the asanas. In her classes, you will move through your flow and you will develop strength, flexibility and awareness. Also, she specially pays attention to respect the body and treat it with care and love.

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