Finally!  we are re-opening on the 10th May.

We will have certain procedures in place to ensure everyone’s safety and care.  Sanitizing stations at front door, outside class and in the toilets.  Masks will need to be worn entering the studio, until you get onto your mat in the classroom.  Masks will also need to be worn whilst visiting the toilets and when leaving the studio, this is for everyone’s safety.  Doors and windows will be left open during class to help with ventilation of the room and to keep a steady flow of fresh air.  Your temperature will also be taken as you enter the studio, to ensure everyone is healthy.  We do hope this is ok for everyone.

We cannot wait to welcome you back!

To book your class, please go to the Book Now buttons in the pricing table below or Book In header at the top of the page.

6 -7.15pm Nourishing flow with Mel (Live Class)

7.30 – 8.30pm Beginners yoga with Monika (Live Class)

Online Class
6 – 7.15pm Feel good hatha with Eloise (live Class)
7.30 – 8.45pm Hot dynamic flow with Monika (live class)

6 – 7.15pm Hatha vinyasa yoga(moderate heat) with Catrin (live class)

7.30 – 8.30pm Beginners yoga with Catrin (live class)

Online Class
6.15pm – 7.45pm Hatha yoga with Alison John (Live class) suitable for improvers and beginners who have at least attended a few classes
7.45pm / 8.45pm – Beginners yoga

10 – 11.15am Hatha yoga with Siwan (live class)

6.15pm – 7.30pm Yin yoga with Eloise.

9.30 – 10.45am  Vinyasa flow with Katie Horodecki (live class)

11am – 12.15pm Ashtanga yoga with Cat Hard

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For 5 Sessions


For 7 Sessions


Studio Class Prices

Online Class Prices

Per Session


For 7 Sessions


Discovering the Seren Yoga studio has been a revelation! I came to the studio a relative novice, seeking a workout that would help me lose a few pounds and tone up.  What I have discovered far surpasses these initial superficial intentions – the teachers at Seren Yoga are supportive, kind and genuinely caring, and have opened my mind to what my body can and has the potential to achieve, in a way that makes me feel as though I am respecting and caring for my mind and body.  The fundamentals of the yoga practice I’ve established at the studio go beyond my time spent there, for with their guidance, I am learning to appreciate the importance of breathing technique and breath control and how this affects the mind and body, and applying this in life generally has helped me in situations of nerves and pressure in my working life as a professional performing musician. Without a doubt, yoga is to be a lifelong commitment for me and I have the Seren Yoga Studio and their wonderful teachers to thank for showing me that yoga is not just an exercise regime, but has so much more to offer its practitioners (I’ve also learnt that exercise does not always have to involve punishing yourself and it can be as much a necessity for the mind as for the body!).  I’m delighted and excited to have found such a studio.

Jennie Porton

Seren Yoga was one of three yoga studios I found within my first week of arriving from Australia. I begin practising at all three studio’s in an attempt to have some normality while I adjusted to my change of life. Within four weeks of arriving I found myself constantly drawn and only attending Seren Yoga for all my classes.

The energy and teachers at Seren is always so welcoming and such a peaceful place to practice – no matter your frame of mind. I love that every teacher offers something different and I always walk out feeling peaceful and very tranquil. Seren has been my solace since arriving. While the teachers encourage you to always grow and strive to excel, they are always happy for you simply to be and do your best, and for that I am proud to refer to Seren as my yoga studio.

Kirsti Carlile

Seren Yoga has transformed me – I used to regularly attend sessions with a Chiro practitioner to click me back into place; I was in constant pain in my back, neck and hips.

Through the fantastic, unpretentious  guidance of the team at Seren Yoga – attending one session per week – I quickly became pain free.

 Seren Yoga has helped me learn how to relax and manage my stress. My friends and family comment that my posture has improved.

Nia Bennet

Seren Yoga is my ‘go to’ place. My ‘go to’ place to rest, stretch, breathe, think, contemplate, reflect, not reflect at all, sweat, smile, feel exhilarated, feel decisive, feel laid back, think of others, think of the past, the present and the future. It’s the warm shelter that I duck under when the days are inclement. It’s the mountain upon which I sit and stare, contemplating the magic of it all.

Each teacher brings their own recipe for loveliness and there are classes for everyone. The varied timings are useful and lend themselves to being the backbone of a solid, regular practice. Mats and props are provided. It’s peaceful and quiet and the parking is abundant.

The Seren regulars, in my opinion, are like minded souls. Happy, calm, busy folk with a heady love of yoga. Some are short, some tall. Some are stiff, some are bendy. Some can stand on their heads. Some don’t like to try. Many come religiously. Many come infrequently. But we are all there, on our mats, breathing. All the same.

Laura McClelland

Seren yoga has inspired me to continue my yoga practice.  Since attending the hot yoga classes for almost 2 years i have noticed my flexibility and core strength increase. I come away feeling wonderfully energized and yet more relaxed.  I’ve found the instructors to be enthusiastic, knowledgeable and friendly and, I would not hesitate in recommending the studio.

Anton Komduur

One to One Sessions Cost £35

These sessions are excellent for addressing the personal needs of a student and to identify possible weak or tense areas within the body due to bad habitual use.  We then look to building your practice at a pace comfortable to you, with insight of your weak areas offering alternatives if needed for certain postures or possibly additional support with the use of props.

Please contact us directly here to book your One to One Session.

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