Seren Yoga has transformed me – I used to regularly attend sessions with a Chiro practitioner to click me back into place; I was in constant pain in my back, neck and hips.

Through the fantastic, unpretentious  guidance of the team at Seren Yoga – attending one session per week – I quickly became pain free.

 Seren Yoga has helped me learn how to relax and manage my stress. My friends and family comment that my posture has improved.

Nia Bennet

Seren yoga has inspired me to continue my yoga practice.  Since attending the hot yoga classes for almost 2 years i have noticed my flexibility and core strength increase. I come away feeling wonderfully energized and yet more relaxed.  I’ve found the instructors to be enthusiastic, knowledgeable and friendly and, I would not hesitate in recommending the studio.

Anton Komduur