Seren Yoga is my ‘go to’ place. My ‘go to’ place to rest, stretch, breathe, think, contemplate, reflect, not reflect at all, sweat, smile, feel exhilarated, feel decisive, feel laid back, think of others, think of the past, the present and the future. It’s the warm shelter that I duck under when the days are inclement. It’s the mountain upon which I sit and stare, contemplating the magic of it all.

Each teacher brings their own recipe for loveliness and there are classes for everyone. The varied timings are useful and lend themselves to being the backbone of a solid, regular practice. Mats and props are provided. It’s peaceful and quiet and the parking is abundant.

The Seren regulars, in my opinion, are like minded souls. Happy, calm, busy folk with a heady love of yoga. Some are short, some tall. Some are stiff, some are bendy. Some can stand on their heads. Some don’t like to try. Many come religiously. Many come infrequently. But we are all there, on our mats, breathing. All the same.