Discovering the Seren Yoga studio has been a revelation! I came to the studio a relative novice, seeking a workout that would help me lose a few pounds and tone up.  What I have discovered far surpasses these initial superficial intentions – the teachers at Seren Yoga are supportive, kind and genuinely caring, and have opened my mind to what my body can and has the potential to achieve, in a way that makes me feel as though I am respecting and caring for my mind and body.  The fundamentals of the yoga practice I’ve established at the studio go beyond my time spent there, for with their guidance, I am learning to appreciate the importance of breathing technique and breath control and how this affects the mind and body, and applying this in life generally has helped me in situations of nerves and pressure in my working life as a professional performing musician. Without a doubt, yoga is to be a lifelong commitment for me and I have the Seren Yoga Studio and their wonderful teachers to thank for showing me that yoga is not just an exercise regime, but has so much more to offer its practitioners (I’ve also learnt that exercise does not always have to involve punishing yourself and it can be as much a necessity for the mind as for the body!).  I’m delighted and excited to have found such a studio.